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Open, serve and reseal quickly and easily

  • With one product, you can open, serve and reseal. CapX will give you a good grip and extra power to open the caps.
  • The handle makes it easy to serve ergonomically and the resealing ensures that your drink retain its carbonation.
  • The Scandinavian design makes the CapX PET-bottle aesthetically pleasing.
  • Now available in black, pink and aqua.

1 Open the  bottle

The cap is often very hard to open. Push the CapX down over the cap and use it to help loosen the cap from the bottle counterclockwise.

2 Mount the handle on the bottle

Mount the CapX like a regular cap clockwise.

3 Open to serve

Open the CapX by pressing the lock release.

4 Serve

To serve with the CapX gives a firm grip. Often the bottle is very soft after opening and hard to hold.

5 Reseal the handle

Seal and lock the CapX by pressing the locking lever.

6 Store with the handle

The CapX is completely sealed during storage, both standing up and lying down.


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